HGS Committees

Membership Committee (chaired by Henry Junior and Jeanette Lazorofsky)

The Membership Committee is responsible for retaining and increasing HGS membership at all levels.  Its responsibilities include maintaining accurate membership information, providing assistance and record keeping at all Program/Dinner meetings, and promoting the mission of HGS in the professional community.

Programming Committee (chaired by Barbara Spangenberg)

The purpose of the Programming Committee is to secure dynamic, informative and relevant speakers who can present knowledge and inspiration to the membership as embodied by the HGS mission statement; identify and engage locations for the meetings which are of interest to the membership, eager to meet the HGS membership, and supportive of the geriatric community; and execute programs successfully by coordinating the necessary technical equipment, communication between HGS and the facility, and overall effectiveness of the event.

Communications Committee (chaired by Doris Brand)

The Communications Committee focuses on HGS website coordination and enhancements, public relations and membership communications. The overarching purpose is to enhance communications and networking within and for the membership and community. The website and related social media options provide updated program and organizational information.  The  public relations activities can include reaching out to the professional geriatric community with invitations to participate in quarterly  programs or special events. The Communications Committee works closely with the Membership Committee to develop new membership and retain current members.

Ruth DeHart Memorial Scholarship Committee (chaired by Ellen MacDonald and Melinda Vanzant)

Dr. Ruth DeHart was a charter members of the Houston Gerontological Society. Her focus throughout her long association with HGS was to passionately promote the education and professional growth of the many disciplines that encompass the field of gerontology. The Scholarship Committee is responsible for reviewing scholarship applications and choosing recipients that best honor the memory of Dr. DeHart and the tremendous legacy she left in the field of gerontology.

For more information or to join an HGS committee, please email us.

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